The Lexis Nexis legal database is truly and indispensable tool for any legal firm. It is truly a fantastic experience and is almost indispensable if you can afford.

Paralegal and Labour Law Specialist

A very useful tool for keeping up to date with all matters Legal! Highly valuable.


It is exactly what every manager would be pleased to have – Indispensable.

Department of Social Development

If I am out at a client I could easily find the information I am looking for.

Small town tax consultant

Especially the younger guys see the benefit – they want to work remotely. The younger the people the more we need to move online.

Attorney mid-sized firm

I use it for areas I am not familiar with for example labour. I find LexisNexis a good starting point.


I am not the biggest fan of case law – just want a summary. Type in the one thing I need, shows me the case law I need.

Labour consultant

For example in IR we do judgements, like conflict of interests, use key words – and although you’ve got to take time to read through them, you get the right cases to look at. And in some instances a client had a problem and I could reference the case law – I was able to easily refer to it and even able to download the case and send it to the client – which was lekker. Client see that we aren’t just advising him on experience but on current stuff.

Labour consultant

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