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Lexis® Practical Guidance Guidance Labour Public is an online reference guide, precedent bank and comprehensive toolkit for anyone working in the South African public labour market. Although much of the content is also included in Lexis® Practical Guidance Labour, this practice area specifically covers the many aspects of labour related issues that apply to employees in national, provincial and local government.

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Expert Contributors

BA (Wits), LLB (Natal)
Ingrid is an admitted attorney, has acted as a judge in the Labour Court and was the first Senior Convening Commissioner for the Gauteng Province.
Ingrid is a senior part-time commissioner on the Director’s specialist panel of the CCMA, and conducts conciliations and arbitrations for various private and public sector bargaining councils. She is a senior panellist with Tokiso, a private dispute resolution agency, for whom she conducts mediations, arbitrations, facilitations and relationship building initiatives. She has trained CCMA and bargaining council commissioners and officials, managers, employees, shop stewards and trade union officials on all aspects of labour law and labour dispute resolution.
She was the first chairperson of the SA Sports Commission Dispute Resolution Centre and has been elected to the positions of President and Vice President of the South African Society of Labour Law (SASLAW) (Gauteng Province and National Committee respectively) by her peers in recognition of her achievements in the field of labour law and industrial relations.
Ingrid’s awards and judgments have been published in South Africa’s two major labour law journals and her articles have been published in three of South Africa’s most popular industrial relations publications. She was managing editor of two publications (IMSSA Arbitration Digest and Employment Law) until they were taken over by Butterworths (now LexisNexis).

Labour Law Public Sector. Table of contents.

  • The General Principles of Labour Law
  • The Constitutional context
  • Specific public sector legislation and requirements

  • Start of the employment relationship
  • The contract of employment
  • Basic conditions of employment
  • Unfair labour practices
  • Protected disclosures
  • Workplace discipline
  • Dismissal and resignation

  • The right not to be unfairly dismissed
  • Automatically unfair dismissal
  • Dismissal for misconduct
  • Dismissal for poor work performance
  • Dismissal for ill health
  • Dismissal for Operational requirements
  • Transfers

  • Trade unions and employers' organisations
  • Freedom of association
  • Organisational rights
  • Collective agreements

  • The right to strike and its limitations
  • Procedural requirements
  • Strike handling
  • Other aspects of strikes

  • Unfair discrimination
  • Fair discrimination

  • Introduction
  • The Labour Court and its jurisdiction
  • Review applications
  • The Labour Appeal Court
  • After the Labour Appeal Court

  • Workplace health & safety
  • Compensation for occupational injuries and diseases



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